Waste Of Time & Energy 01

solar driven kinetic sculpture

built while participating in artist residency program in Pécs Hungary-city of culture 2010 - materials sourced locally.

continuing the 'off the grid' theme. cube form influenced by Victor Vasarely.

Using a freely available resource solar energy to drive a motor to hit a ball around in circles. good intentions to produce clean energy if not used sensibly for useful work are both a waste of time and energy. Circular motion of the final event highlighting circular nature of attempts to satisfy energy needs for dependant consuming culture. sculpture reminiscent of an executive toy :

" An executive toy is a useless, but stylish or funny novelty item that is usually a small mechanical gadget placed on the desk of a corporate executive."

Waste of Time and Energy 01 implies the useless game played by large energy corporations riding the current wave of popular interest with sustainability.